Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series is setting our new Personal Best in 2018
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Rock n Roll Marathon Series
Virginia Beach
Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series is setting our new Personal Best in 2018
Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series is setting our new Personal Best in 2018

In 2018, we’re upping our game to deliver a best-in-class race experience at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon (and all events) for runners around the world. Whether you’re a loyal fan, new to the family or looking for reasons to convince your friends to join you…trust us, you want to run with us!

This is where everything you love about running comes together in sync,
Where miles of music motivate you, where beats drop and drums pound,
Where bands and cheering fans line the course, just for you.
We are the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series. Run with us.

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Music that Moves You
Music that Moves You

As the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series, music is a core part of our DNA. In 2018, we promise to deliver:

  • Music every mile…or more!
  • Rock ‘n’ Roll curated playlists
  • Headliner Concerts (they aren’t going away)
We’re Bringing the FUN Back to the Run
We’re Bringing the FUN Back to the Run

The Virginia Beach community has supported us for 17 years—and in year 18 we’re coming back better than ever. With a fresh look for our start and finish line, on-course activations to motivate you every step of the way, our ‘inner-runners’ went back to the drawing board to make the run fun again.
Support for Runners, By Runners

Race day is not just about the training you did to get there (though it is important). It’s about the course support, volunteers, aid stations, and the things runners need. We’re here for you to help you have your best race. In 2018, when you run with us, you’ll find:

  • Additional gel stations for the half marathon
  • Additional food offered on course and post race
  • More, clearly marked aid stations on course
Bring Your Spectator Squad
Bring Your Spectator Squad

Your friends and family have your back—and in 2018, we’ve got theirs! In 2018, we’re bringing you:

  • Spectator Grandstand Seating at the finish line: we’ll have a seat waiting for them to watch you accomplish your goal
  • Spectator Maps with the best places to catch runners on course
  • Inspirational signs to keep you motivated

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